I have spent my entire life here living in Indian River County. Being a third-generation resident of Indian River County I have seen many changes to this place my family has called home for almost 100 years. My grandfather moved from South Florida to Indian River County in 1928. My Mother and Father were both raised here, and my two sons both live here. My family has always made public service a priority, which has made me proud of my country, my state and especially this county in a profound way that is difficult to describe. I have felt a deep-rooted passion to serve as I have for all of my adult life. I want to continue my obligation and further accept the responsibility of public office.

Indian River Lagoon

I grew up on the Indian River Lagoon and I have seen it deteriorate over my lifetime and I feel we are not doing enough. We must do more on a local level so that we are not part of the problem. We must work closely with the scientific community and water and environmental groups to save this national treasure. We must also collaborate with other counties and the Indian River Lagoon Council to continue to make needed improvements that can save this most fragile of ecosystems.


Indian River County must stay strong on proper growth by following our plans and established ordinances. We must make sure our infrastructure can handle any future new growth and make sure we keep plenty of "green space" and be good stewards of our environment. 

Indian River County Economy

I am very “pro-business.” Having been raised in a family that started and owned many businesses over three generations, I understand what it takes and how hard it can be to run a successful operation. We must do more to attract all types of good businesses.

Public Safety

In the last three years, our public safety agencies have become a training ground for the rest of the state. We must make every effort to keep the best employees in these highly specialized fields and pay competitive wages and benefits. We must provide our public safety agencies with the tools and training they need to provide for the safety of our residents and visitors.

Inter Local Relationships

I will strive to have good relationships with our municipalities. As Commissioner, I will work with the cities, my colleagues, county staff and other constitutional office holders as a team. We must all work together.

All Aboard Florida (Brightline)

Railroads throughout history have always had rights not granted to state and local governments. They are pretty much autonomous in what and how they want to do things. Without any real help from the Federal or State government, we are facing more than just a daunting task. This is not a good deal for anyone. We must continue the fight but we must also look as to how we are going to mitigate the impacts to our county if we can’t stop it.


Mask Mandate

As a former first responder, I know very well the importance of public health and safety. The issue of masks for residents and our guests are important and I hear both sides loud and clear. Please know that I stand in support of a mask mandate for those times when social distancing is not enough. I have been in support of a mask mandate before it was ever discussed at the July 14, 2020 Indian River County Commission Meeting and was asked on July 8, 2020 by the Press Journal if I would vote yes on a mask mandate at the next meeting of the County Commission, I answered yes.
The numbers have increased since Memorial Day and health professionals agree we must wear masks and social distance if we want to flatten the curve and if a mask mandate can help to get the numbers down and get us back to some normalcy in our lives, then we should make every effort to do our part. If we don’t I feel our health, way of life, and economy will suffer greatly, and those impacts could be devastating.
I understand that many of you have concerns about this issue as did I in the beginning of this pandemic. But I feel this will be a temporary measure and we will come out of this stronger than ever before.
I will not let the curve flatten us!
Please be safe out there!

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